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  • ims Packaging Limited

  •  [Zhejiang,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer , Trade Company
  • Main Mark: Worldwide
  • Exporter:81% - 90%
  • Certs:ISO9001
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ims Packaging Limited

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About Us

IMS Packaging, a professional manufacturing and trading company, was established in 2005 in Ningbo, China. Over the years, we specialized ourselves in supplying a wide variety of high-quality packaging in cosmetic, skin care, health care and hair care industries. IMS also offers an extensive array of finishes, such as metalizing, anodizing, UV coating, embossing, frosting, soft-touch, hot stamping and silk screen printing. If there is a special service or product that you are interested in, please feel free to contact us. We would take great honor in assisting you in your packaging needs, increasing your market share through our distinctive full line of packaging products. Looking forward...

Categories and Products

Acrylic Jar

Small Clear Acrylic Plastic Jars With lids Wholesale Round Ball Acrylic Cream Jar Round Acrylic Plastic Jar With Lid Empty Cosmetic Packaging Round Acrylic Jar Round Acrylic Jar Acrylic Container Plastic Jar Cream Lotion Cosmetic Container With Lid Cosmetic Empty Jar Small plastic Box Cream Jar New Design Empty Round Acrylic Cosmetic Jar Empty Cosmetic Containers Acrylic Plastic Jar With Lid Round Acrylic Cream Jar Empty Acrylic Cosmetic jars Cream Plastic Jar With Lids Acrylic Jar JA-201 Clear Glass Cream Jar With Silver Lid Cosmetic Jars Round Plastic Containers Ball-shaped Cosmetic Jar with 50g, 30g, 15g Green Clear Plastic Acrylic Cosmetic Jars Empty Acrylic Cosmetic Cream Jars Acrylic Jar JA-203 Acrylic Jar JA-204 Acrylic Jar JA-205 

Cosmetic Pot

Cosmetic Pot PT-104 Cosmetic Pot PT-107 Round Empty Plastic Cosmetic Pot Cosmetic Pot PT-115 Cosmetic Pot PT-121 Cosmetic Pot PT-125 Cosmetic Pot PT-127 Cosmetic Pot PT-129 Cosmetic Pot PT-130 Cosmetic Pot PT-131 Cosmetic Pot PT-134 Cosmetic Pot PT-203 Cosmetic Pot PT-218 Cosmetic Pot PT-219 Cosmetic Pot PT-138 Cosmetic Pot PT-139A Cosmetic Pot PT-139B Cosmetic Pot PT-222 Round Plastic Cosmetic Pot Plastic Acrylic Cosmetic jars 

Loose Powder Container

Loose Powder Container PC-105 Loose Powder Container PC-106 Loose Powder Container PC-114 Loose Powder Container PC-121 Loose Powder Container PC-127-10 Loose Powder Container PC-127-15 Loose Powder Container PC-128 Loose Powder Container PC-133 Loose Powder Container PC-135 Loose Powder Container PC-201 Plastic Loose Powder Jar Loose Powder Container PC-139 Loose Powder Container PC-141 Loose Powder Container PC-142 Loose Powder Container PC-207 Loose Powder Container PC-208 Loose Powder Container PC-116 Loose Powder Container PC-147 Loose Powder Container PC-148 Loose Powder Container PC-149 

Airless Lotion Bottle

Airless Lotion Bottle AB-102 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-108 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-110 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-111A Airless Lotion Bottle AB-111B Airless Lotion Bottle AB-112 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-113 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-201 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-206 Airless Lotion Bottle RB-111 Airless Lotion Bottle RB-112 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-121 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-122 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-123 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-125 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-126 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-128 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-116 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-127 Airless Lotion Bottle AB-129A 

Lip Balm Tube

Lip Balm Tube LB-103 Lip Balm Tube LB-104 Lip Balm Tube LB-109 Lip Balm Tube LB-112 Lip Balm Tube LB-113 Lip Balm Tube LB-114 Lip Balm Tube LB-202 Lip Balm Tube LB-203 Lip Balm Tube LB-204 Lip Balm Tube LB-101 Lip Balm Tube LB-115 Lip Balm Tube LB-116 Lip Balm Tube LB-117A-B Lip Balm Tube LB-117C Square Black Mascara Tube The Best Lip Glosses Ever Professional Lip Gloss Magic Red Lipstick Luxury Cosmetic Loose Powder Container Airless Lotion Bottle 

Roll-On Bottle

Roll-On Bottle RO-102 Roll-On Bottle RO-104 Roll-On Bottle RO-106A Roll-On Bottle RO-106B Roll-On Bottle RO-107 Roll-On Bottle RO-115 

Foundation Stick Case

Round Small Stick type Stick Foundation Cosmetic Container Foundation Stick Case Empty Round Concealer Tube Empty Plastic Stick Round Small Stick Foundation Tube Concealer Container Round Stick Foundation Tube Small Cosmetic Foundation Stick Empty Packagings Cylindrical Plastic Cosmetics Foundation Container Empty Plastic Tube For Concealer Stick Cosmetics Packaging Specular Rods Concealer Foundation Stick Case Concealer Specular Rods Tube Stick Foundation Packaging Skin Fix Foundation Stick Round Plastic Stick Foundation Tube Wholesale Oval Deodorant Stick Container Deodorant Tubes Wholesale Oval Deodorant Stick Foundation Pink Tube Cosmetic Container Empty Cosmetic Foundation Stick Container Cosmetic Packaging Plastic Square Cosmetic Foundation Stick Plastic Cosmetic Foundation Stick Case Plastic Round Cosmetic Foundation Stick Empty Plastic Foundation Stick Round Cosmetic Foundation Stick Case Empty Round Cosmetic Foundation Stick Case 

Lipstick Case

Round Plastic

Empty Round Plastic Lipstick Packaging Cheap Lipstick Cylindrical Plastic Lipstick Container Red Color Lip Stick Tubes Empty Lipstick Case Cylindrical Plastic Lip Balm Container Lipstick Tube Empty Round Plastic Lipstick Cosmetic Container Round Empty Plastic Lipstick Tubes Round Lipstick with aluminium sleeve Plastic Empty Round Lipstick Tube Cylindrical Lipstick Lip Gloss Container Black Plastic Lipstick Tubes Round Lip Balm Tube Cosmetic Packaging plastic Lipstick Tubes Container Best Quality Empty Matte Lipstick Lip Tube Empty Black Lipstick Tubes Wholesale Cosmetic Round Plastic Lipstick Container Cylindrical Plastic Lip Gloss Containers Cylindrical Plastic Ipstick With Lip Balm Empty Round Plastic Lipstick Container Round Plastic Cosmetic Lipstick Container Round Plastic Cosmetic Lipstick Packaging Round Empty Plastic Lipstick Packaging 

Square Plastic

Square Cosmetic Plastic Lipstick Container luxurious square shape plastic cosmetics lipstick tubes Beautiful Square Plastic Transparent Lipstick Tubes Square Empty Plastic Lipstick Case Cosmetic Package Square shaped Empty Plastic Lipstick Tube Cosmetic Square Lipstick Container Cosmetic Square Plastic Lipstick Packaging Cosmetic Square Plastic Lipstick Case Square Plastic Empty Lipstick Packaging Empty Square Plastic Lipstick Container Cosmetic Empty Square Lipstick Packaging Empty Cosmetic Square Plastic Lipstick Container Square Plastic Lipstick Container Empty Cosmetic Square Lipstick Case Empty Square Plastic Lipstick Packaging Cosmetic Square Plastic Lipstick Empty Square Plastic Lipstick Tube Square Plastic Lipstick Tube Cosmetic Square Plastic Lipstick Tube Empty Lipstick Tube 

Other Shape Plastic

Irregular Shape Round Gold Lipstick Case Lipstick Tube Other Shape Plastic PD-248 Other Shape Plastic PD-251 Other Shape Plastic PD-263 Other Shape Plastic PD-264 Other Shape Plastic PD-265 Empty Plastic Cosmetic Lipstick Magnet Plastic Cosmetic Lipstick Dual Head Plastic Lipstick Case Triangle Empty Plastic Lipstick Case Dual Head Plastic Lipstick Case Empty Plastic Cosmetic Lipstick Case 

Round Aluminium

Round Cosmetic Aluminium Lipstick Round Aluminium Lipstick Packaging Round Aluminium Lipstick Packaging Cosmetic Round Aluminium Lipstick Cosmetic Round Aluminium Lipstick Case Round Aluminium Lipstick Tube Round Aluminium Cosmetic Lipstick Aluminium Round Lipstick Packaging Empty Round Aluminium Lipstick Round Aluminium Lipstick Container Empty Round Aluminium Lipstick Container Round Aluminium MA-32 Round Aluminium Empty Lipstick Container Round Aluminium MA-39 Round Aluminium MA-40 Round Aluminium MA-42 Empty Lipstick Case Round Aluminium Lipstick Case Round Aluminium Lipstick Case Round Aluminium Lipstick Case 

Other Shape Aluminium

Other Shape Aluminium MA-101 Other Shape Aluminium MA-103 Other Shape Aluminium MA-107 Other Shape Aluminium MA-109 Other Shape Aluminium MA-111 Other Shape Aluminium MA-112 Other Shape Aluminium MA-115 Other Shape Aluminium MA-116 Other Shape Aluminium MA-117 Other Shape Aluminium MA-118 Other Shape Aluminium MA-120 Other Shape Aluminium MA-131 Other Shape Aluminium MA-133 Other Shape Aluminium MA-136 Other Shape Aluminium MA-137 Other Shape Aluminium MA-139 Cosmetic Aluminum Lipstick Case Aluminium Square Lipstick Case Empty Lipstick Case Empty Lipstick Case 

Cosmetic Tube

Flexible Tube RO-108 Flexible Tube RO-111 Flexible Tube RO-113 Flexible Tube RO-114 Flexible Tube TB-101 Flexible Tube TB-102 Flexible Tube TB-103 Flexible Tube TB-105 Flexible Tube TB-106 Flexible Tube TB-107 Flexible Tube TB-108 Flexible Tube TB-110 Flexible Tube TB-111 Flexible Tube TB-112 Plastic Tube 2 in 1 High Quality Lipgloss Bottle Cosmetic Packaging ROUND DUO LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS TUBE Lip Gloss Tube DUO LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS CONTAINER COSMETIC DUO LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS PACKAGING 

Cosmetic Compact

Round Cosmetic Compact

Round Cosmetic Compact CP-101 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-109 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-110 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-111 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-129 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-130 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-133A Round Cosmetic Compact CP-133B Round Cosmetic Compact CP-134 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-135 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-138 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-139 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-144A Round Cosmetic Compact CP-151 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-152 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-156 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-157 Round Cosmetic Compact CP-158A Round Cosmetic Compact CP-158B Round Cosmetic Compact CP-159 

Square Cosmetic Compact

Square Cosmetic Compact CP-206 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-207 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-234 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248B Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248C Square Cosmetic Compact CP-248E Square Cosmetic Compact CP-249 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-250A Square Cosmetic Compact CP-250B Square Cosmetic Compact CP-251 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-252 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-256A Square Cosmetic Compact CP-256B Square Cosmetic Compact CP-260 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-261 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-266 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-267A Square Cosmetic Compact CP-267B Square Cosmetic Compact CP-268 Square Cosmetic Compact CP-269 

Lip Gloss Case

Round Lip Gloss Case

Round Lip Gloss Case LG-151 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-156 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-157 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-158 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-159 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-164 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-165 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-173C Round Lip Gloss Case LG-187 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-640 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-641A Round Lip Gloss Case LG-641B Round Lip Gloss Case LG-642A Round Lip Gloss Case LG-642B Round Lip Gloss Case LG-644 Round Lip Gloss Case Round Lip Gloss Case LG-653 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-660 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-664 Round Lip Gloss Case LG-667 

Square Lip Gloss Case

Square Lip Gloss Case LG-217 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-227 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-249 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-251 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-252 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-253 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-255 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-256 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-257 Square Lip Gloss Case LG-MS-254B Cosmetic Empty Lip Gloss Tube Empty Square Lip Gloss Case Empty plastic lipgloss container Plastic Cosmetic Square Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Square Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Square Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Square Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Square Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Square Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Square Lipgloss Container 

Other Shape Lip Gloss Case

Other Shape Lip Gloss Case EL-354 Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-356 Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-373A Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-373B Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-374A Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-374C Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-375A Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-375B Other Shape Lip Gloss Case LG-375C Empty Cosmetic Lip Gloss Container Empty Lipstick Case Empty Lipstick Case Plastic Cosmetic Round Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Round Lipgloss Container Plastic Cosmetic Lipgloss Container 

Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case

Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-410 Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-415 Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-417 Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-516 Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-414 Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-507 Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-522A Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-522B Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-523 Dual Heads Lip Gloss Case LG-524 

Mascara Tube

Round Mascara Tube

Round Mascara Tube MS-130 Round Mascara Tube MS-133 Round Mascara Tube MS-190 Round Mascara Tube MS-196 Round Mascara Tube MS-614 Round Mascara Tube MS-616 Round Mascara Tube MS-620 Round Mascara Tube LG-MS-626 Round Mascara Tube LG/MS-643 Round Mascara Tube LG/MS-637B Round Mascara Tube MS-631 Round Mascara Tube MS-632A Round Mascara Tube MS-632B Round Mascara Tube MS-633 Round Mascara Tube MS-639 Round Mascara Tube MS-648 Round Mascara Tube MS-649 Round Mascara Tube LG-MS-192 Round Mascara Tube MS-129 Round Mascara Tube MS-149 

Square Mascara Tube

Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-210 Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-212 Square Mascara Tube LG-MS-254A Aluminium Cosmetic Mascara Packaging 

Other Shape Mascara Tube

Other Shape Mascara Tube LG-MS-312 Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-366 Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-368A Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-368B Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-368C Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-369A Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-369B Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-369C Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-370A Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-370B Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-370C Other Shape Mascara Tube MS-371 Plastic Cosmetic Mascara Packaging Empty Cosmetic Mascara Packaging 

Dual Heads Mascara Tube

Dual Heads Mascara Tube MS-525 Dual Heads Mascara Tube MS-708 

Eyeliner Bottle

Round Eyeliner Bottle

Round Eyeliner Bottle LG/MS/EL-634 Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-650 Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-651 Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-668 Round Eyeliner Bottle EL-707 Eyeliner Jar 

Square Eyeliner Bottle

Square Eyeliner Bottle EL-258 Square Eyeliner Bottle EL-259 

Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle

Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-347 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-351 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-310 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-311 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-376 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-377 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-378 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-379 Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-380A Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle EL-380B Other Shape Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-364 Empty Plastic Eyeliner container Plastic Cosmetic Eyeliner Container Plastic Cosmetic Eyeliner Container Plastic Cosmetic Eyeliner Container Plastic Cosmetic Eyeliner Container 

Dual Heads Eyeliner Bottle

Dual Heads Eyeliner Bottle LG-MS-EL-413 

Cosmetic Pen

Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen

Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-106A Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-106B Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-107A Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-107B Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-204 Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-206 Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-211 Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-212 Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-213 Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-214 Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-101W Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-121A Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-121B Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-121C Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen PS-216 Dual Heads Makeup Pen Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen Liquid Filler Cosmetic Pen Aluminium Twist Cosmetic Pen Empty Plastic Cosmetic Pen 

Dual Head Cosmetic Pen

Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-224 Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-225 Dual Head Cosmetic Pen AP-227 Dual Head Cosmetic Pen PS-211B Makeup Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Heads Makeup Pen Dual Heads Makeup Pen Dual Heads Makeup Pen Dual Heads Makeup Pen Dual Heads Makeup Pen Dual Heads Makeup Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Head Cosmetic Pen Dual Head Automatic Plastic Cosmetic Pencil 

Cap-Off Cosmetic Pen

Cap-off Cosmetic Pencil with Aluminium End Cap Dual Heads Makeup Pen Cap-Off Cosmetic Pen Empty Plastic Cosmetic Pen Empty Plastic Cosmetic Pen Empty Plastic Cosmetic Pen 

Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen

Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-108 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-112 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-113 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-117 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-130 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-113B Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-133 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-132 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-135 Solid Filler Cosmetic Pen AP-136 

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