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IMS Packaging a professional manufacturing and trading company was established in 2005 in Ningbo China Over the years we specialized ourselves in supplying a wide variety of high quality packaging in cosmetic skin care health care and hair care industries IMS also offers an extensive array of finishes such as metalizing anodizing UV coating embossing frosting soft touch hot stamping and silk screen printing If there is a special service or product that you are interested in please feel free to contact us We would take great honor in assisting you in your packaging needs increasing your market share through our distinctive full line of packaging products Looking forward to serving you and...

Categories and Products

Acrylic Jar

Cosmetic Pot

Loose Powder Container

Airless Lotion Bottle

Lip Balm Tube

Roll-On Bottle

Foundation Stick Case

Lipstick Case

Cosmetic Tube

Cosmetic Compact

Lip Gloss Case

Mascara Tube

Eyeliner Bottle

Cosmetic Pen

Products Keywords
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Plastic Lipstick ContainerEmpty Plastic Round Loose Powder CaseCosmetic Square Eyeshadow for 4 ColorRound Cosmetic Empty Powder PackagingEmpty Cosmetic Loose Powder PackagingCosmetic Empty Loose Powder ContainerEmpty Round Compact With Clear WindowPlastic Round Empty Loose Powder CaseCosmetic Round Empty Powder ContainerCosmetic Plastic Square Lipstick TubeCylindrical Foundation Container TubeRound Cosmetic Loose Powder ContainerRound Cosmetic Loose Powder PackagingCosmetic Powder Packaging With MirrorSmall Cosmetic Powder Stick ContainerEmpty Square Magnet Compact ContainerEmpty Plastic Slim Lipstick PackagingEmpty Thin Plastic Lipstick ContainerEmpty Plastic Thin Lipstick ContainerPlastic Square Cosmetic Lipstick TubeCosmetic Plastic Cosmetic Tube 2 in 1Empty Cosmetic Compact Case PackagingCosmetic Dual Head Lipstick PackagingPlastic Cosmetic Square Lipstick TubeRound Cosmetic Empty Stick FoundationSquare Eyeshadow with 10 Round GodetsEmpty Round Mascara with Aluminum CapSquare Cosmetic Plastic Lipstick CaseCosmetic Round Plastic Lip Gloss TubeCosmetic Aluminium Lipstick PackagingSquare Eyeshadow Palette for 10 ColorEmpty Cosmetic Aluminum Lipstick TubeSquare Eyeshadow Palette with 3 ColorRound Compact with Transparent WindowEmpty Round Cosmetic Powder ContainerPlastic Cosmetic Empty Lip Gloss TubePlastic Round Thin Lipstick ContainerEmpty Cosmetic Round Foundation StickRound Plastic Slim Lipstick PackagingCosmetic Empty Eyeshadow for 11 ColorCosmetic Square Plastic Lipstick CasePlastic Square Eyeshadow for 11 ColorCosmetic Square Plastic Lipstick TubeEmpty Plastic Slim Lipstick ContainerEmpty Plastic Dual Head Lipstick TubePlastic Cosmetic Magnet Lipstick CaseCosmetic Plastic Square Lipstick CasePlastic Round Thin Lipstick PackagingAntique Brass Cosmetic Compact MirrorsEmpty Double-end Plastic Lipstick TubeCosmetic Empty Round Compact ContainerEmpty Round Cosmetic Compact ContainerEmpty Round Cosmetic Compact PackagingRound Cosmetic Empty Compact 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Compact with Clear WindowSquare Empty Cosmetic Eyeshadow PaletteEyeshadow Container with 2 Round GodetsRound Cosmetic Empty Lipstick ContainerCosmetic Empty Round Aluminium LipstickSquare Cosmetic Empty Compact ContainerEmpty Plastic Cosmetic Lipstick PackageRound Plastic Cosmetic Foundation StickPlastic Square Empty Cosmetic EyeshadowEmpty Square Plastic Lipstick ContainerRound Empty Cosmetic Lipgloss ContainerEmpty Plastic Airless Compact ContainerEmpty Plastic Cosmetic Square EyeshadowEmpty Thin Square Plastic Lipstick CaseEyeshadow Container with 3 Round GodetsSquare Empty Plastic Lipstick ContainerSquare Slim Cosmetic Lipstick ContainerMascara Bottle with Transparent Top CapCosmetic Empty Square Plastic EyeshadowSquare Slim Cosmetic Lipstick PackagingSquare Thin Cosmetic Lipstick ContainerCosmetic Round Empty Lip Balm ContainerRound Airtight Empty Lipstick ContainerPlastic Cosmetic Loose Powder PackagingEmpty Round Cosmetic Lipstick PackagingEmpty Plastic Square Lipstick PackagingEmpty Square Plastic Lipstick PackagingPlastic Cosmetic Loose Powder ContainerSquare Slim Aluminum Lisptick ContainerCosmetic Round Empty Lipstick PackagingSquare Compact Container with Clear LidCosmetic Empty Square Eyeshadow PalettePlastic Round Cosmetic Foundation StickEmpty Round Cosmetic Lipstick ContainerEmpty Square Cosmetic Eyeshadow PaletteSquare Eyeshadow Container for 3 GodetsEmpty Square Magnet Eyeshadow ContainerEmpty Square Aluminum Cosmetic LipstickEmpty Slim Dual Head Lisptick ContainerHeart-shaped Empty Packing Cosmetic JarEmpty Slim Lipstick with Bottom FillingSquare Eyeshadow Container with 5 ColorEmpty Cosmetic Round Lipstick ContainerRound Compact Case With Transparent LidCosmetic Lipstick Container with MirrorEmpty Transparent Cosmetic Compact CaseEmpty Round Plastic Eyeshadow PackagingEmpty Cylindrical Plastic Lipstick CasePlastic Empty Square Eyeshadow PalletteCylindrical Cosmetic Lipstick PackagingEmpty Cosmetic Compact Powder ContainerRound Cosmetic Compact Powder PackagingEmpty Round Compact Eyeshadow PackagingCosmetic Round Empty Lipstick ContainerPlastic Square Empty Lipstick ContainerCosmetic Empty Round Lipstick PackagingCosmetic Empty Square Compact PackagingCosmtic Slim Plastic Lipstick PackagingRound Empty Plastic Eyeshadow ContainerCosmetic Empty Round Lipstick ContainerRound Cosmetic Empty Aluminium LipstickEmpty Round Lip Gloss/Mascara ContainerRound Empty Lipstick/Lipgloss PackagingRound Empty Cosmetic Lipgloss PackagingEyeshadow Packaging with 3 Round GodetsSquare Eyeshadow Palette with Clear LidCosmetic Empty Round Lipgloss ContainerEmpty Round Cosmetic Lipgloss ContainerCosmetic Empty Round Lipgloss PackagingSquare Compact Packaging with Clear LidEmpty Round Eyeshadow Compact PackagingPlastic Compact With Transparent WindowOther Shape Cosmetic Eyeliner PackagingEmpty Round Lip Gloss/Mascara PackagingPlastic Cosmetic Eyeliner Gel PackagingEmpty Round Aluminum Lipstick ContainerCosmetic Round Compact Case With MirrorCosmetic Plastic Eyeliner Gel ContainerEmpty Round Eyeshadow With Clear WindowEmpty Square Cosmetic Compact PackagingEmpty Cosmetic Square Compact ContainerRound Empty Push-open Cosmetic LipglossSquare Cosmetic Compact Powder PackagingEmpty Plastic Single Eyeshadow ContainerCosmetic Plastic Thin Lipstick ContainerSquare Cosmetic Empty Lipstick ContainerPlastic Cosmetic Slim Lipstick ContainerEmpty Round Aluminium Lipstick ContainerSquare Cosmetic Powder Compact PackagingRound Plastic Cosmetic Compact ContainerEmpty Round Aluminium Lipstick PackagingEmpty Square Cosmetic Lipstick ContainerPlastic Cosmetic Empty Mascara ContainerEmpty Plastic Magnet Eyeshadow ContainerPlastic Cosmetic Thin Lipstick PackagingCosmetic Eyeshadow Packaging with MirrorCosmetic Plastic Square Magnet EyeshadowCosmetic Empty Square Lipstick PackagingPlastic Cosmetic Slim Lipstick PackagingEmpty Aluminium Round Lipstick PackagingPlastic Round Foundation Stick ContainerCosmetic Slim Plastic Lipstick 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